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Ghost Light Players present...

Ghost Light Players present "OKNO"

Written by Windsor's own Michael J Krym

Atellier Virginianne - 1078 Drouillard Road, Windsor, ON, Canada

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A family has lost their daughter. Unable to find help from the police, and out of rational explanations, Adam, Evelyna, and her brother, Aleks, have all given up in their own ways. However, the reasons behind her mysterious disappearance are anything but easily explained.

Okno follows the extraordinary girl named Ola, and the events leading to her disappearance. It quickly becomes apparent that she is capable of more than most; able to intuit people's thoughts, see beyond solid surfaces, and even claims to have the ability to fly. It is a struggle for her parents to see beyond their own fears to help Ola figure out her place in the world. Between the constantly intensifying prescription pills, and a further maddening diagnosis from every doctor she meets, her only support comes from her brother Aleks.

On Ola's path to figuring out her own destiny, she must help those she cares about most see their own lives for what they truly are.


1078 Drouillard Road, Windsor, ON, Canada (Get Directions)